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How to customize my own sex doll?
1. The sex doll customization is not saying we could provide a doll in the data you wish. but we could provide a series of the available doll options for you to choose for the doll type we have. 

2. For most of the sex dolls, we have a wide range options to choose, the mainly options will including the lists below, but not all dolls was available to get all options available. 
-doll skin color.
-doll eyes color.
-doll nail color(finger & toe).
-doll feet type.
-doll vagina type.
-doll wigs type.

3. After the prefered doll was confirmed in your mind, you could see there are a series of the doll options below the sex doll main pictures. just go ahead and choose your prefered doll options, until the options avaiable is confirmed. 4. Add the product into shop cart and move on to next procedure.

Is it available to choose the head and body type myself? Yes!
if you have a prefered doll body, but you want another doll head.  Or you have a prefered doll head, but you want another doll body. we could do this doll combination for you. you should contact our customer service for confirming details.


Payment terms and busienss safety assurance?
The business safety is the most important topic when we shopping online. to provide best protection for customers, here is our advise for different method of payment methods.
1. PayPal. most of the new coming customers will prefer to use this methods as paypal always protect the buyers right very well. Exactly but two more tips which could be helpful for you. 
-when you paying via paypal, please fullfill the information as (my customization sex doll details: xxx dolls, xxx eyes, xxx skin colors, etc). the more detailed, the better protection for you from PayPal rule.
-when you do paypal payment, please also fullfill the consignee information(name, address, telephone, zip code) as that is the address we will ship to.
-Our company PayPal account is [email protected], any other PayPal account claimed J-suntech® is fake and not realiable.
2. Western union. 
This is a quick a convenient methods for customers who has online western union account. if you want to do payment in this methods, please contact our customer service to get a company signatured invoice with payment account included.  this invoice will be the contract. 
3. T/T bank transfer.
If you are determined to pay via bank transfer. please contact us to get a company signatured invoice with payment account included. this invoice will be the contract. 

How to order my love doll?

Here is show you by pictures.more easy for understanding.

1.After you get to the link of the sex doll you like, there are available options on the right below side of the pictures. Choose your preference of hair type, eyes color, skin colors. Click “add to cart” after you chose the options. And then go to “Shopping cart” on the Upper right corner.



2.After come to you cart, then confirm the doll details , if everything ok, click ”Checkout”.



3.If you are new coming, please join us by Register Account, and click the ”Continue”.


4.There will be a list that need your information all. And please remember to make a agree of the FAQ and click ”Continue”.

After this, Then you will go into the link of confirm your billing details, Delivery details, Delivery method, payment method.
--Billing details, please leave the address to send bill. Normally we will send the bill with the doll together.
--Delivery details, please leave exactly the right address, telephone, zip code of destination city.
--Delivery method, DHL as default. Please contact our customers service if you need other shipping terms.



5.Then you will need to choose the payment method, we support Paypal and Bank Transfer.

The website will switch automatically if you choose payment via PayPal.
If you choose T/T bank transfer, the bank info will be showed, you can make a bank transfer of the amount to this account, and send the bank slip to our customer service email so that we can confirm your order asap.



6.Finally , check your dolls details again, and quantity and total cost, if all ok, then ”Confirm order”then you will get directly to the Paypal payment web or Bank transfer information.

Any questions you can talk me online, if not available , then email me at :[email protected]



For further question about the sex doll details, please move to "about sex doll".
For any other question didn't mentioned above, you could contact us via online service or send an email to [email protected] we will give you reply as soon as possible.

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