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Will people know what inside package?

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Will people know what inside package?



Will people know what inside package?


The Answer is “NO”For my selling experience, there are 2 questions that customer will ask, one is custom another is the package,

As before we have talked about the customer problem, if you still any questions for your country ,

please contact me [email protected], so now we are going to talk more about the package

Why most people care about the package? That most because the sex doll is very private item, nobody don’t other know, After all there are many people who are not acceptable for this new technology , So what exactly will say on the box?  Is there really any information about what the package inside?


First don’t worry about it, we do good protect for customer private, We won’t leave any information about what inside the package/, only Write the our company internal order No, that is ok. And all of our shipping Invoice,


Our standard box is carton box which is strong enough for keep the silicone doll safe, and inside is a blanket and PE bag for protect the love life size sex doll, The head, leg and hand are packed very carefully to make sure she will arrive successfully.

Also we provide air flight case or storage sofa, just contact me , we can arrange the special package for you, but please note this will need extra charge. And for huge breast sex doll, if you choose the sofa package, that will cost more one of half of original package, And if you need to make a special note for the package  like  one of my customer ask out “Golf Equipment Only” for the package, so just tell us, we can try our best to satisfy you. Hope you have a good nice with our service and those lovely sex doll.


Smile is always here.



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