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sex doll data

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sex doll data

The sex doll was in various types and each type with different data. here let me introduce something about the sex doll data. and you might be more clear to choose your doll after  you noted about this data.

Firstly, the sex doll height mainly including doll from 65cm to 170cm. This is a big range height of sex dolls. you should think of it that which height doll might be the best for you. Also you have to think about the doll percentage of upper half body, and lower half body. because you might prefer a doll with mor similar body percentage as you. so that you could easily kiss and xxx the doll at the same time. I have once knew about that some doll in good height but the user is not easy to kiss the doll during making with her.

And another very important thing is the weight. the doll weight will affect the convenience of the doll. the smaller doll will be lighter, than it will be easier to carry and move, easy to move to the bathroom, easier to keep it clean, and it ask for smaller space. I have seen so many users want to sell their doll just because they are too big. 

For the doll breast, waist, hip. you could just choose the doll according to your preference. and just one point, the extreme doll type will be not as durable as the common doll. for example, the sex doll with a G cup breast, or the doll with a extreme slim waist, or huge huge hip.  this is because the extreme design brings bigger pressure to the doll metal skeleton.

And the doll vagina, anus depth is one of the most important point as that affect the using feeling. personally I don't suggest user to choose a doll with too deep vagina doll. because the TPE is a elastic material so you are not needed to get a full depth doll as your junk. for me I will choose a 16cm vagina if I got a 18-20cm junk. but this is just my personally experience.

The above doll data is the several ones that I thought will affect the doll usage, of course there are some other difference such as wigs, nail, skin color, etc. but you could totally choose that from your preference, cause it bring no big difference on using:)

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