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TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll,which one is better?

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Are you suffering to buy silicone doll or TPE doll? here maybe you can get the answers.


As well-known by many sex doll lovers, the solid sex doll mainly including TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll. then what's the advantage and disadvantage of the two kinds? Here let's talk about the difference of the both kinds.

Firstly, the TPE sex doll. TPE is a new used sex doll material since lately years. and the advantage of TPE is its elastic, soft, realistic. 

Yes, the TPE sex doll is quite soft and excellent touch feeling, also the TPE material is more elastic than silicone, which means the TPE is not that easy to broke from pressure. 

What's more, the TPE doll normally will be lighter than the silicone doll. as many people knows, the weight of lifelike doll is always been a important options to think about when buying a sex doll, many buyers need to think whether the doll is too heavy for use. on this point, the TPE doll will be better than the silicone sex doll. 


Then what about the silicone sex doll? the silicone also has its own advantages. 

The silicone doll could be in more sharp faces. for the doll face need to be very realistic like a human on appearance, the silicone sex doll could be more vivid. puzzled? the TPE doll is realistic on touch feeling, and the silicone doll is realistic on looking.

One more very important advantages is easy to clean, because of the material difference, the silicone sex doll material is different from TPE and could be easier to clean. 


Of course,there are other advantages that has been not mentioned, and we will revised it when we found that, also welcome your advise and revisement.

thank you.

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