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what should you know before choosing a sex doll

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what should you know before choosing a sex doll

Have you ever suffer from this? When you are start to choose a sex doll, you check the doll details, doll height, weight ,data, etc. and after all this decided, you still felt that there might be something that you need to attention?

It is commonly to see this kind of situation if you are a sex doll newbie. Here let’s list the attention points that you need to care about when you are choosing a sex doll.

Firstly, before you get a doll, you have to consider whether you have enough time and space to get on well with this doll, the doll is not a small thing to put, so you’d better have a small wardrobe things to put it in. Also you have to make sure whether you family could accept a doll if you are living with your family together.

Secondly, you need to know how to maintain the sex doll, the sex doll is mostly made of TPE/silicone, the good maintenance and bad maintenance make a big difference. If you are not clear enough about this , you could check the blog posted before on our website, and you could find the basic attention tips of maintenance.

Okay, for the doll itself, the main points including:




-decoration options: eyes, wigs, skin, nail, etc

-vagina type

-feet type




The material mainly including the TPE sex doll, and silicone sex doll. Personally experience, I think the TPE sex doll is more soft and realistic, also more elastic. But the silicone doll will be easier to clean.

For the doll height, you could choose the doll fit your height, if you are a doll newbie, choose a smaller doll, such as the 100cm sex doll, it will be easier to move and clean.

The doll weight, the taller doll will always be heavier, the most important is to make sure that you could move the doll easily by yourself cause you might need to get it washed and put her in postures.

The doll decorations options including doll eyes color, doll wig type, doll nail color, doll skin color. you could choose the type you want. But I advise you to take more attention on the doll wigs, cause you will finally find how important the wigs could make difference to a doll after you get it.

The doll vagina type normally including the fixed vagina type and the replaceable type vagina. Choose a fixed vagina type if the doll is small, for the big doll, suggest you to choose the replaceable one, cause you could wash it easier and you could replace it by a masturbation cup silicone if you want.

The feet type, standing feet actually doesn’t bring too much improvement to the doll, if you have preparation to wear her a shoes, the normal feet will be okay, if the doll need to be displayed constantly, choose the standing type.

Shipping methods, DHL, FedEx, etc. you should make sure the products could ship to your home, also make sure the custom clearance will be smooth, cause the seller is not able to do anything for the custom. Unless ship via a special pre-cleared custom methods.

The doll accessories is very important to a doll, also it will be not that easy for you to buy a suitable one by yourself, you could get a series of the accessories from the seller to ship it together. that will allow you to decorate your doll into more types.

If you have any other question need to know, please email us or leave a message to us, we will reply as soon as possible.

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