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J-suntech sex doll customization options

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J-suntech sex doll customization options

Welcome to J-suntech sex doll shop. Here let me tell the J-suntech sex doll details and options we have for the sex dolls.

There are many series of the sex doll in our sex doll shop, such as the JS series, HD series, AXB series, etc. the doll options for different series is little different but mostly the same. The detailed difference could be showed in the product description and here let me tell you the mainly options that fit most of the dolls , Of course there are few doll type with different options, such as the JSM doll only have 2 skin colors to choose ,different from the mainly 3 skin colors. We just introduce the most common options for your review.

1. the doll skin colors, you might only see the skin color from the doll pictures as we only took 1 or 2 skin colors of the doll. but actually for most of the dolls, there are 3 skin colors to choose from: the white skin color, the flesh skin color, the brown skin color. The white skin is similar to the white people skin. The flesh skin is similar to the Asia people(Chinese, Japan), The brown skin is similar to Africa people, but this brown is not as dark as black. For the JS series doll, we have another tanned skin available but we didn’t display it. If you want the tanned skin seriously, please contact our customers service to check the availability.

2. The doll eyes color is another option for the doll, the mainly color including brown eyes, green  eyes, blue eyes. The eyes of the doll is all in one size so this is a common option for all dolls. Also you could get back-up doll eyes so you could change it yourself.

3. The doll vagina type. This is a relatively important option because this could make difference of your enjoyment. Our doll vagina types including 2 types: the fixed vagina type and the replaceable doll vagina type. Our advise for the doll vagina choice is: replaceable vagina for the high weight doll, because it could be not that convenient to move so you could wash the doll vagina more conveniently. Also the replaceable vagina will be a little bit more tight than the fixed vagina but no big difference. If the vagina is too tight, you could use a bigger size dildo or similar toy to insert and leave it for a few hours. Then the vagina will be a little bit bigger.

4. The doll feet. There are 2 types doll feet. Standing type feet, and normal doll feet. The normal doll feet will be not able to let the doll standing by itself. Unless she was relying on something. If you have request to get the doll to stand, the standing feet will be better. Anyway. we advise the user to wear the doll shoes for standing.

5. The doll wigs. I know you might think this is not that important for the doll as this is just a simple decoration. But actually, the doll wig is an amazing option which could make the doll looks totally different. A blonde wave hair could make the doll looks like a smart beautiful girl and another black short hair could make the doll looks like a sports girl. so I personally advise you to choose your most preferred doll wigs, instead of scan it carelessly.

6. The doll nail color. It could be flesh color as real human nail color. and it could pink color nail. Choose it according to your preference.

7. The pubic hair. we actually didn’t display this option on the products description. Because the pubic hair could make the doll more complicated to clear. Especially for some newbie doll users. But if you are a skilled doll user and seriously want the doll pubic hair, please contact our customer service to provide the pubic hair options and make a decision.

8. The doll body type. Some customers might have question of “could choose the doll with a bigger/smaller breast based on the doll type I chose?”. Under normal circumstance, the answer is NO. the doll body was a make in a fixed mould which is not able to change it easily. So the doll body is just as it is. But sometimes you might have sight of dolls with 2 type cups of breast, what’s the reason of that? That is because there are 2 doll bodies mould there, and they are made in 2 different moulds. The bigger one is not revised from the smaller one. Neither the smaller one is revised from the bigger one. To make it short, the doll body shape revise is not supported.


Above will be the mainly doll options review of J-suntech sex dolls, if you have any further questions on choosing your own preferred doll, just contact our customer service or leave us a email message and we will reply you asap. Thank you. 

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