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How do we protection the privacy of customers?

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How do we protection the privacy of customers?

Since the sex products is one of the most private products, the privacy is very important to be protected. Of course J-suntech pay high attention on this points, and we are doing in mainly 4 aspects so far. 

1. We won't tell the registered members information to any third party. Pease no worries about privacy leaking out problem.
2. We won't write any sex related information on the products package box. normally the package box won't have any other information besides the express number.
3. The doll was remarked as "silicone model" on the invoice when we do shipping. to avoid the custom take this product as sex products(not always 100% useful as custom might open the package).
4. More privately shipping methods was provide to avoid customers information displayed by the custom, please check the "delivery & shipping" part for more details.

Based on above measurement, our customers privavy was protected, more measurement is to be take in future if needed. if you  have any more worries about your privacy beyond above rules, please kindly get in touch with us and 

we will do best support to you.

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