Delivery Information

Delivery & Shipping

1. Not all countries are supported to ship to. such as Turkey, middle-east counties is not able to ship to, cause the destination countries government policy don't allow the importing of this products.
2. The countries we support shipping to mainly includes: 
- North America ( USA, Canada, Mexico).
- Western Europe (Beside Turkey).
- Eastern Europe ( Russian, Ukraine).
-Oceania ( Australia, New zealand).
- Asia (China, Japan).
3. the order will be shiped normally in 5-12 days since payment confirmed. The shipping tracking number will be provided to customers once the delivery made.

5.About Small mini sex doll safe shipping-Special line:

For European ,countries, We will choose Flight-Delivery shipping ,by this way, Customer don't need to  do  custom clear and also avoid pay import tax cost ,it's same as you buy the item  local.
Shipping details:
First, We will ship doll to customer country's UPS or Fedex warehouse by flight  ,Then they will ship directly to Customer home.(UPS and Fedex is our standard  shipping way)

Special line shipping time:
Flight shipping around 5-7 days +local express shipping 2-3 days= 7-10days.
and please note,Tracking Information will be 6-8 days after shipping.

Suit for following countries:

United States、 Canada 、Mexico Russia 、Ukraine、UK 、France、Italy、Spain、Poland、 Bulgaria、 Estonia、 Greece 、Hungary、 Lithuania、 Latvia、 Romania、 Slovenia、 Slovakia、 Croatia、 Belgium、 Luxembourg、 Denmark、 Netherlands 、 Finland、  Ireland、 Portugal、 Sweden、 Czech Republic 、Northern Ireland
 , Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, we have other special line, also including custom clear and tax cost,

For Japanese customer, the special line will help do custom clear, but also need your cooperation for tax cost ,thank you .

-For the country beyond range listed above, please kindly inquiry our sales and confirm the shipping  -availibility before placing an order.

4. Some normal dolls and Shipping methods.
- For North America, Western Europe, Oceania, Asia.  DHL/FedEx shipping method is supported. But a extra taxes cost will be possibly charged from buyer depends on your country policy. 
- For Western Europe, Japan, Mexico, Canada. we recommend a special transport methods with advantage of more privately, more safety, taxes cleared. this shipipng is a flight+express methods, takes 7-10 days. this method could help you to clear the custom taxes, and directly shipping to door more privately. 
- For Russian, Ukraine, Only a special shipping method was available. the shipping is a special modes of transport. 18-25 days, shipping to door, taxes cleared.
5. The shipping invoice will remark the doll as "silicone model" instead of description as "sex dolls", please kindly noticed about this point. 
6. If you have other request on shipping, please get in touch with us through online service or leave us a message/email. 

Do we support drop shipping?
Yes. but please pre-notice the consignee about the taxes fee possibility if DHL/FedEx prefered.

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